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Becky and Ben at Convocation 2010
2011 . January . 20
Sherwin Arnott

Many of you know that Becky Cory has been in a graduate program at the University of Victoria for a few years. But perhaps we forgot to catch you up on her graduation last fall!

Becky and Ben at Becky's Grad 2010Becky graduated with her Masters in Education, in leadership studies and convocated in the fall of 2010. Her thesis is Productions of Whiteness in Web 2.0: Exploring the discursive repertoires of racialization on the Internet. And just in case you don’t read intellectualese, it’s an excellent exploration of race in online conversations. It’s important because it’s relevant and I know personally, that I’ve benefited tremendously from Becky’s exploration.

And here is her, now mostly quiet, blog, that she wrote and made some reflections and drafts while she was writing her thesis: http://www.racetalk.ca

This photo was taken by David Cory, and I’ve chosen this photo of Becky and her brother Ben because I know it meant the world to Becky that her brother could join her to celebrate her graduation.

Congratulations, Becky!