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B78 design and brand identity
2012 . March . 29
Pink Sheep Media

Jasper Blake has been competing in Ironman triathlons for most of his adult life. He’s retired from Ironman triathlons now. You can read his essay on his retirement here. But he’s still competing in other events, and, more importantly, he’s passing on his considerable wisdom through coaching and consulting.

After twenty five professional wins and after winning Ironman Canada in 2008, Jasper has established himself as an industry expert.

When he asked us to help him launch B78 , we were stoked to be involved. It’s launched. B78 is a way for folks who want platinum quality coaching to get access to custom training programs, athletic teams and access to the minds and hearts of athletes who competed. And won.

Ever thought of running a marathon?

Ever dreamed of winning?

B78 logo from website header