Baylee Woodley

Baylee is a WordPress user, coach, and editor, as well as social media enthusiast. She loves working with people and helping their content go further. Baylee’s interest in media is connected to her love of visual communication and art history. She was Communications Director for the Medieval Studies department and a co-op student with the Hallmark Heritage Society. She is also a team member with the University 101 program, and loves working in adult education.

She has an Honours BA in Art History and Visual Studies from the University of Victoria, and is currently doing her MA. Throughout her BA her focus was on the epistemic use of 12th century diagrammatic images. Her MA will examine the representation of queer bodies in late medieval France, and possibilities for remediation and queer self-definition using tools from the Digital Humanities.

Baylee also runs a lot, and is a performer who believes in dancing as much as possible.

Baylee smiles with a sandy, hilly beach behind her. She has a purple dress and purple hair, and she has sunglasses pushed up on her head.
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