Baylee Woodley

A golden necklace with three rotating circular parts and an hour glass in the middle. It is the time-turner from Harry Potter. The background is out of focus, but it is green.

Linking “into” your website

Deep linking from peripheral content to core content facilitates a web of interconnection beyond the mere sharing of space on a platform...
The Louvre in Paris at night. It is a rectangular stone building, and there are warm lights in the windows. A glass pyramid sits in front of it glowing with light and reflecting in the water of a large fountain.

Effective use of headings in web publishing

Headings are like a table of contents in your pages and posts. They provide both visual and behind the scenes structure to your content. To provide this meaningful structure, though, your headings need to be properly employed...
A sheet of plain white Braille rests flat.

Always write good alternative text

Alternative text is necessary for good publishing. Images on a website can be really important content. They give context, shape meaning, and move readers. It is really important that images...
Baylee and her mom from the shoulders up with heads together at finish of MEC run.

Stopping the coastal commercial trophy hunt in the Nadeea tenure with Raincoast

Their next goal is to buy the Nadeea Tenure in the Great Bear Rainforest to make it another area where wolves, bears, wolverines, and other carnivorous beasties can live without the threat of trophy hunting...
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