A golden necklace with three rotating circular parts and an hour glass in the middle. It is the time-turner from Harry Potter. The background is out of focus, but it is green.

Linking “into” your website

Deep linking from peripheral content to core content facilitates a web of interconnection beyond the mere sharing of space on a platform...
A walkway made of wood extends over a sandy, grassy hill in to the sunset.

In general, hyperlinks should open in the same window

Making hyperlinks is a foundational skill in web publishing. Links have everything to do with usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, and readability.Links should be simple and helpful to your… Read more “In general, hyperlinks should open in the same window”
The Louvre in Paris at night. It is a rectangular stone building, and there are warm lights in the windows. A glass pyramid sits in front of it glowing with light and reflecting in the water of a large fountain.

Effective use of headings in web publishing

Headings are like a table of contents in your pages and posts. They provide both visual and behind the scenes structure to your content. To provide this meaningful structure, though, your headings need to be properly employed...
A coffee cup full of coffee is mid explosion and the coffee is flying everywhere across a table.

How to avoid cruft in posts and pages

Not everyone drafts their content directly in their web publishing content manager. Authors sometimes draft their content in Word documents, Google Docs or some other software.When this content gets… Read more “How to avoid cruft in posts and pages”
A close up of a page of handwritten Old German text. The ink is dark and the paper looks brown with age.

Manual excerpts are helpful

Manual excerpts are an important part of your articles. They work mostly as short summaries. And if you get good at writing them, they will help your website…
A sheet of plain white Braille rests flat.

Always write good alternative text

Alternative text is necessary for good publishing. Images on a website can be really important content. They give context, shape meaning, and move readers. It is really important that images...
A simplistic vintage key rests on a wood table.

Improve your security habits on National Pass**** Day, March 15

Having good passcode habits is an important aspect of online security. And it’s something we all need to work at.The Better Business Bureau has announced the fourth annual National… Read more “Improve your security habits on National Pass**** Day, March 15”
A hub in the middle, is drawn to show how it connects to the channels and communities around it.

Web first publishing

Web first publishing means publishing your carefully crafted content to your website first. We recommend it nine times out of ten...
Looking over the shoulder of a person takes a photo of their soup with their smart phone, but a lizard is the screen.

Publishing articles with feature images Feature images can give meaning and context, encourage social sharing, and help differentiate your posts.

Feature images can be beautiful, improve reach and impact, and give meaning, improve clickiness, and add whimsy. But I don't want it to be an obstacle to publishing...
Transit riders are a blur in a subway station with stairs and an escalator.

Managing webpages that get updated regularly (like Career pages) Having an authoritative, evergreen page management system is the key to managing resource pages, longterm events, FAQs, and career pages.

Some webpages change very little. Others, like Career pages, change more regularly. Here is how we recommend to manage this content...
An organic cell is graphically displayed in it's relation to to other things.

The value of short and simple blog posts

Lately I've found myself advocating for blogging and microblogging. Microblogging is a loose term. Sometimes it means posts that don't have titles and other features of full-fledged articles...
A list of posts from the Pink Sheep dot Media community hub

Community hub site (still in beta)

A little while ago we launched a new website which we call the community hub. It's an experiment in aggregating some of the sites we host and the clients we work with...
Baylee and her mom from the shoulders up with heads together at finish of MEC run.

Stopping the coastal commercial trophy hunt in the Nadeea tenure with Raincoast

Their next goal is to buy the Nadeea Tenure in the Great Bear Rainforest to make it another area where wolves, bears, wolverines, and other carnivorous beasties can live without the threat of trophy hunting...
Midnight the cat rests.

Some thoughts on security on the interwebs

Security-wise, the odds seem rarely in our favour. But I try to do small concrete things to avoid feeling overwhelmed...

Publishing video to your website

Publishing video to a third party service and then embedding that video on your website is generally the best way to go...
Piechart and Venn diagrams on paper are a nice visual representation of the difference between categories and tags

Some advice on how to use tags and categories in WordPress

Sherwin makes some suggestions about how to visualize tags and categories in WordPress...
Illustration of the hosts of EQ and You

We’ve been keeping busy

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our clients. Working with you keep our hearts warm ...
Instead of saying ladies... consider using gender inclusive language

Great message design: Hello there

Social change is one of the reasons that I care about advertising and communications design. Here's a great example...
A lizard in the desert with "#WEB" written over top.

Uploading and inserting photos with WordPress

Doing quality publishing on the web means caring about how you use images. Here's a few simple steps ...
Victoria Pink Pages feature

Victoria Pink Pages launched!

It's Pride here in Victoria again! And this year has been special for us because we've partnered with Jes Scott, and launched ...
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