Ice covered mountains loom in the background, with ice and snow floating in the cold waters of the artic.

Seven new media projects worth following

These seven media projects are embracing this new reality and bucking the status quo. They give me hope that there is a future for writers and journalists in Canada, one that doesn’t look the same as it did fifty years ago, but which could thrive just as much, and be a lot more inclusive.
A yellow paper airplane sits on a blue desk with draw air current behind it.

Shortcuts for InDesign

These are some of the keyboard shortcuts I use most when working with InDesign CS4. Using shortcuts speeds up what you are able to accomplish and it reduces the chances of shoulder and neck injury due to over using the mouse ...
A beautifully unsquare building shows a curvey skyline in black and white.

What is a factoid?

The plausible, but not necessarily true, bits of information about a product. The definition of factoid might, itself, fit the criteria of being a factoid.
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