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Victoria Pink Pages feature

Victoria Pink Pages launched!

It's Pride here in Victoria again! And this year has been special for us because we've partnered with Jes Scott, and launched ...
B78 design and brand identity

Meet B78, training and coaching

Jasper Blake has been competing in Ironman triathlons for most of his adult life. He's retired from Ironman triathlons now. But, more importantly, he's ...

Winter solstice. Awe.

It is winter solstice again. We are very close to the sun now; roughly ninety one million miles. But due to the tilt of the earth, and our latitude here in Victoria, and our position in our...


Pride has come to Victoria this summer, even if the summer weather hasn't. Pride and the Word last Saturday was inspiring. Rumour has it that speed dating at the Ledge on Wednesday was super fun...
Hydrangea front page

Snow day in Victoria

Three or four days a year something very special happens here in Victoria. It changes people. It changes the traffic. And it changes our footwear ...
Becky and Ben at Convocation 2010

Nice work, Becky Cory: Master.

Many of you know that Becky Cory has been in a graduate program at the University of Victoria for a few years. But perhaps we forgot to catch you up on her graduation last fall!
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