Stopping the coastal commercial trophy hunt in the Nadeea tenure with Raincoast

Baylee and her mom from the shoulders up with heads together at finish of MEC run.

Happy July folks!

This month I’m going a little out of my comfort zone — into the world of fundraising — and would love some help from you. As I prepare for a trail run I am raising money alongside the rest of the Pink Sheep Media team to help stop trophy hunting on the Coast.

The trail run event is XTERRA Victoria and it’s a 14km Trail Run at Durrance Lake put on by Human Powered Racing! Trail running is one of my favourite things, but I want to make this run about more than my own exercise. To give back to the beautiful nature that I’ll be enjoying on this run I am fundraising for the Safeguard Coastal Carnivores Initiative of Raincoast Conservation and their First Nations partners.

Their next goal is to buy the Nadeea Tenure in the Great Bear Rainforest to make it another area where wolves, bears, wolverines, and other carnivorous beasties can live without the threat of trophy hunting. They have already successfully bought approximately 30,000 square kilometres of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest and made it protected land.

A map showing where the Nadeea tenure is on the Central Coast

They have also made a video that further talks about their initiative.

In the contemporary discourse we’re reconsidering our collective relationship to nature, conservancy, and “resource management.” Bringing an end to trophy hunting is a small but important part of this shift. It is also part of the process of decolonization, and ending the domination of nature by colonial values. Myself, and the rest of the Pink Sheep Media team, share the Raincoast and the Coastal First Nations’ vision of bringing an end to trophy hunting on the Coast.

If this cause resonates with your values as much as it does with ours, and if you are able to donate, please visit my fundraising page!