Palmer contributes to Pink Sheep Media as a photographer, designer and illustrator.

Being raised up on foreign films, Palmer has always had an appreciation for visual arts. The love affair with graphic design sprouted from co-founding a drag king troupe. Needing to create promotional flyers & posters and website for the 5 O’clock Shadows, introduced Palmer to computers as a means to make more art, more accessible, more often. This led to doing several poetry chapbooks and album cover designs as well as few self-published comic books. Mix in a dash of blogging and a voracious appetite for music and Wah-La.

Whilst living in the UK, Palmer moonlighted as a photographer and print designer. His approach to design is shaped by the extent to which he is self-taught. This often means Palmer can find unexpected and fresh ways of interacting with the projects. We love this.

Wyndi Palmer bio photo