Ryan Cope, facilitator and editor

Ryan Cope is a facilitator and organizer. Working with scientists, policy analysts, and change makers, Ryan helps organizations, teams, and collaborators, put on conferences, meet by video conference, and organize their research surveys. 

Ryan is also an editor and writer. An experienced interviewer and expert storyteller, Ryan brings publishing and communications expertise to the Pink Sheep Media team, where she also contributes her social media powers online, and behind the scenes. 

She received her Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from the University of Maine. Ryan remains involved in water, sustainability, and science communications. 

Ryan writes for Seven In the Ocean and various online publications. She loves to work with scientists, citizens, small-business owners, and people caring about the planet. 

Ryan grows tomatoes, plays the clarinet, and raises chickens.

Ryan Cope profile photo in her kitchen with a light blue sweater and her red hair.