You can write your titles last

You don’t have to write your titles last, but it might save your life one day.

Two Venus Flytraps, carnivorous plants, sit side by side waiting for insects to fly by.

Writing is a joy. But it’s also the other stuff. Don’t make writing more painful than it needs to be; don’t get stuck on headlines or subtitles.

Titles are friction. In WordPress, like most CMSs, the headline entry looms at the top of the page. Never forget you have several options:

  1. Ignore the title field (and subtitle field, if you have one),
  2. Embrace working titles; jot down some descriptive placeholder text and keep going,
  3. Write something provocative and purposefully wrong,
  4. Work and rework your headline until it’s perfect before moving on to write your dispatch (jk).

All of this applies equally to section headings and subheadings. It’s nice to break up longer articles into sections. But don’t get stuck on headings.