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A walkway made of wood extends over a sandy, grassy hill in to the sunset.

In general, hyperlinks should open in the same window

Making hyperlinks is a foundational skill in web publishing. Links have everything to do with usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, and readability.Links should be simple and helpful to your… Read more “In general, hyperlinks should open in the same window”
A sheet of plain white Braille rests flat.

Always write good alternative text

Alternative text is necessary for good publishing. Images on a website can be really important content. They give context, shape meaning, and move readers. It is really important that images...
Transit riders are a blur in a subway station with stairs and an escalator.

Managing webpages that get updated regularly (like Career pages)

Some webpages change very little. Others, like Career pages, change more regularly. Here is how we recommend to manage this content...
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