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A simplistic vintage key rests on a wood table.

Improve your security habits on National Pass**** Day, March 15

Having good passcode habits is an important aspect of online security. And it’s something we all need to work at.The Better Business Bureau has announced the fourth annual National… Read more “Improve your security habits on National Pass**** Day, March 15”
Midnight the cat rests.

Some thoughts on security on the interwebs

Security-wise, the odds seem rarely in our favour. But I try to do small concrete things to avoid feeling overwhelmed... screenshot

Received an email asking you to do "link-trading"?

From time to time we get questions from our clients and friends about link exchanging. Many link exchange solicitations are...
A small network diagram of 6 computers connected to a central computer on a wavy blue background.

What is a server?

You've heard folks talking about the server but you've been a little shy to ask what they mean...
Favicon for Google and Pink Sheep Media

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small visual icon for a website. It's a little bit like an avatar. Not every website has one...
Search Engine Optimization: Power and control written on top of the Google page

What we find challenging about Search Engine Optimization

While we're not SEO experts, we do know a little bit about SEO. Here's what we think we know...
Automattic: inspired by you, striving to create good, nothing is perfect

How to avatar

It used to be that you would upload a different avatar at every location on the web that you participate in. But this guy had an idea to make it easier for people to have an avatar that followed them around ...
Chrome and Firefox icons are together and repeated

What is a browser?

It's important that websites work well across all the different types of browsers...
A typewriter and a vynal record rest on a wood desk.

Writing for the web

Writing is a talent that can be developed and honed by anyone. That said, writing can feel daunting and writing for your own website ...
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