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A typewriter and a vynal record rest on a wood desk.
2009 . December . 16
Sherwin Arnott

Writing is a talent that can be developed and honed by anyone. That said, writing can feel daunting and writing for your own website even more so. There are some well accepted, common sense, tenants of writing probably, but I don’t know what they are.

Here’s a few things to think about.

Consider the interests and background knowledge of your audience. Try to avoid obscure terms and explain them if you must use them. Try to modulate your sentence length but err on the side of short sentences. Short sentences need love too. Get feedback on your writing style from people you trust to be brutally honest with you. Try to say something important. Try to ask questions. Write what you know. Give credit and site references. Make hyperlinks. Try not to say too many negative things. Criticism is important. Don’t contradict yourself. Pay attention to the tone of what is being said, not just the grammar and nuts and bolts of what is being said. Remember that you’re a human with a human voice. Don’t get sued for libel. Humour is good, if you can do it.

There are a gazillion articles on writing a good blog. Here’s one from 2002 that is cool. Here’s another one, more recent, by Mark S. Luckie, author and journalist who is making a study of modern journalism on the web. 1


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