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WordPress thumnail
2009 . November . 12
Pink Sheep Media

Many of those that have worked with us in the past will know that we are big fans of WordPress. We often recommend WordPress to our clients as both a blogging tool and as a content management system. Their software is free to use, very versatile, easy to learn for folks that haven’t spent a lot of time online, and amazingly powerful – outstripping quite a number of commercial content management systems.

WordPress offers a place for anyone to sign up for a free blog and start publishing. This is pretty cool by itself. WordPress also makes their software available – at WordPress.org – to load on your own server. We spend a lot of time there, checking out new plugins, borrowing code, trouble shooting and looking to see what other designers are doing. But recently WordPress launched the WordPress Foundation whose stated goal is to make sure folks continue to get free access to the software projects they support, regardless of who comes and goes and who supports or stops supporting the project.

This is good. We think it’s good because a community, even one as large and techie oriented as the WordPress community (or perhaps especially because of their size and techie nature), needs infrastructure. Free publishing. Quality technology. Did we say that already?