AFRO DIVA Hair Salon

AFRODIVA Divas! animated

Last year we had the privilege of working with the brains behind AFRO DIVA Hair Salon ( We had the privilege to launch their website and to attend their one year anniversary. One year is a big hurdle for every business. Congratulations to Nichola and Catherine.

And congratulations to their appreciative clients! Getting caring attention for a fro, or textured hair, has been a challenge in Victoria. But no more.

AFRODIVA Divas! animated

But you don’t have to have textured hair to appreciate the expertise at AFRO DIVA. Last month, we celebrated the five year anniversary of University 101. Becky wanted to do something special with her hair. So the Divas at AFRO DIVA set her up with the hair style she didn’t know she wanted!

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  1. hello Sherwin and Becky, that is an awesome note and I will tell the Diva’s to check it out. Becky your hair is beautiful. Can you please send some images for Merline’s album?

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