The Louvre in Paris at night. It is a rectangular stone building, and there are warm lights in the windows. A glass pyramid sits in front of it glowing with light and reflecting in the water of a large fountain.

Effective use of headings in web publishing

Headings are like a table of contents in your pages and posts. They provide both visual and behind the scenes structure to your content. To provide this meaningful structure, though, your headings need to be properly employed...
A close up of a page of handwritten Old German text. The ink is dark and the paper looks brown with age.

Manual excerpts are helpful

Manual excerpts are an important part of your articles. They work mostly as short summaries. And if you get good at writing them, they will help your website…
A sheet of plain white Braille rests flat.

Always write good alternative text

Alternative text is necessary for good publishing. Images on a website can be really important content. They give context, shape meaning, and move readers. It is really important that images...
A hub in the middle, is drawn to show how it connects to the channels and communities around it.

Web first publishing

Web first publishing means publishing your carefully crafted content to your website first. We recommend it nine times out of ten...
An organic cell is graphically displayed in it's relation to to other things.

The value of short and simple blog posts

Lately I've found myself advocating for blogging and microblogging. Microblogging is a loose term. Sometimes it means posts that don't have titles and other features of full-fledged articles... screenshot

Received an email asking you to do "link-trading"?

From time to time we get questions from our clients and friends about link exchanging. Many link exchange solicitations are...
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