Sherwin Arnott

Sherwin believes in kinder world and a world with better design.

The visual and text tabs as seen in the WordPress dashboard

Visual editor and HTML editor

When publishing posts or pages with WordPress (WP), you are given the option of using the visual editor or the HTML editor ...
Pages and posts are two kinds of content in the WordPress dashboard.

Pages Versus Posts

WordPress makes a distinction between pages and posts when it comes to publishing content ...
un i102 journal, spring 2010 - displaying legal size

Uni 102 Journal 2010

University 101 is a program that provides free non-credit university courses to people that face barriers to accessing post-secondary education. It's a cool program that does an awesome ...
Chrome and Firefox icons are together and repeated

What is a browser?

It's important that websites work well across all the different types of browsers...
A typewriter and a vynal record rest on a wood desk.

Writing for the web

Writing is a talent that can be developed and honed by anyone. That said, writing can feel daunting and writing for your own website ...
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